Our Company trades in wide varieties of products, some are listed



   Methanol: We are handling IMPCA Methanol Product from multiple

   sources around The Globe, that allows us sustainable access to the

   product at all times, giving us great advantage in meeting our client’s

   requirements in deferent regions.


  Bio Diesel Production Raw Materials

  Seeds Oils,  Fuel Grade Bio-Ethanol and Methanol


  Edible Ethyle Alcohol (Ethanol) & Molasses

  • Ethyle Alcohol not less than 95% and up to 96.2%

  • Ethyle Alcohol 80% min

  • Molasses Total Brix 82% min Total Sugar 48%


   Urea Fertilizers


  Other Product, Chemicals and Solvents

     • Sulphuric Acid • Butyl Acetate
     • Sodium Chloride • Butylene Glycol
     • Caustic Soda Ethyl Acetate


  If you have a specific enquiry or you require any other items that not

   listed in our key products and services, please contact us, as the

  information provided is only a small range of what we can offer.